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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions about water systems from the professionals at Craddock Water Solutions.  We’ll update this list with more questions and answers, so please check back.


Q. My current water filtration company says my system is old and that the repair parts are no longer available. He says I will have to buy a new system.  Is this true?

A. In many cases parts are available and even in stock for filtration systems that are well over 20 years old. If a part is not in stock it can be ordered and available within a day or two. Telling a customer parts are no longer available is just part of an unethical attempt to sell you a new system. We welcome your business and have received many customers because of these poor business practices.  At CWS, service always comes first.



Q. I just had my filter serviced and it seems like the company’s prices have drastically increased in the last few years. The materials that I have used for years have just about doubled. Is this going on throughout the industry?

A. Not at all.  If given the opportunity, we can usually cut the service cost drastically that you are currently paying. We want to have your business and your referrals for many years to come.



Q. I have an existing water filtration system that is not working. Does this mean it needs to be replaced?

A. Not necessarily. Sometimes modifications can be made to the system to better accommodate the household needs. In other cases, you may not have a complete system setup to handle all of your water issues. In these cases, equipment may be added to work in conjunction with what you already have.



Q. While running water, my well pump cuts on and off rapidly. Is this normal? Am I causing any damage to my well system?

A. If you are hearing a rapid cycle of your well pump, there is a chance that your pressure tank has failed and needs to be replaced. There are many cases where we have found a failed tank that has a bad air bladder. With no air to be compressed to allow for storage, the well pump will continuously cut on and off while running water. This causes great damage to your well pump and can eventually cause your well pump to fail. Schedule an appointment so that we can check your current pressure tank. If it needs to be replaced,  we can provide a size that will best suit your home. 



Q. We just moved into our home and it already has an existing system. What are the next steps we should take?

A. During a free consultation we can test your home\'s water, access your equipment, and look at the household demand that will be required. Based on the information gathered, we can set you up with a service plan that will keep your system working and provide your home with clean, healthy water.



Q. I hear the well pump cutting on and off when no one is using water. Why is this happening?

A. There is a leak somewhere. If there is not a visible leak detected and this issue isn’t from a running toilet, there may be a leak in the well line that supplies the house or in the well itself. Once detected we can provide you with repair cost and a prompt fix for your problem.



Q. We water our lawn and landscape a lot during the summer. Will this be an issue for the water treatment system?

A. Certainly the more water you feed through our system, the more media you go through, the more salt you will use, and you also can cause too much of a strain on the filter. Doing this may cause your water quality to drop, leading to discoloration or staining.



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